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Treat anxiety symptoms

“Ativan: A safe benzodiazepine to treat anxiety symptoms.”


What is Ativan used for? 


Ativan stands in the marker as the short term acting benzodiazepine and produces its effects within an hour and lasts for 6 hours. However, the properties’ existence may vary from one person to another because of several factors. The factors might consist of age, health status, and other ongoing medication. Furthermore, it is applicable only when you are directed for its consumption. If you take it without a doctor’s recommendation, you may fall under unwanted Ativan side effects. Hence, before using any such medication, meet the doctor to get adequate data and prescriptions. 


#Directed manner towards this medicine- 


this medication is used to treat anxiety and its associated disorder as a primary treatment to offer a peaceful mindset. Although, as a secondary treatment, it can help to treat other medical conditions such as- 


  • Trouble in falling asleep 
  • Alcohol withdrawal 
  • Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting


Secondary treatments are also known as a non-approved treatment. Notable, FDA doesn’t claim this medication to be used for any other purpose instead of managing the anxiety. Therefore, one should use for off-label uses only when a doctor recommends. If you use this medication without the doctor’s approval, you will be responsible for future outcomes. Therefore, go through the precautions and warning section to ensure you run the treatment as per the guidelines. 



                      It is not checked yet whether this medication is safe or not on children younger than 18 years. Thus, this medication is not recommended to be used by children younger than 18 years due to severe Ativan withdrawal. If you are less than the approved age, meet the doctor to get the other therapies. The doctor goes through several mandatory aspects such as health status and other factors before finalizing the dosage. Additionally, if you have taken it mistakenly so call your doctor or meet him immediately. Delaying to do so can cause life-endangering side effects. 


#Ativan dosage and treatment factors- 


Ativan dosage is generally different for everyone due to different health structures. Therefore, the doctor analyzes health status before offering Ativan dose. However, the doctor usually begins the treatment with the lowest dose of Ativan. And once the stability exists so the doctor may enhance the dosage. Although, you should not increase the dose without approval as it can lead to side effects. The side effects may include problematic breathing, lack of consciousness, and Ativan addiction. So, run the treatment as per the guidelines without manipulation. 

There are some ways by which one can find whether they are under the addiction or not. In short, the symptoms of avian addiction may include- 


  • Persistence on dosage without the necessity 
  • Desire to quit consumption but unable to do so
  • Enhancing the treatment duration without the doctor’s approval 


Final note: 

                        Run the procedure as per the directed norms for the recommended duration. During the treatment, if you find any complication, meet the doctor rather than implement the self-understood therapies.


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